Apples in the Orchard

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"Apples in the Orchard: A Pre-K-Grade 2 Health Education Curriculum" is a new skills-based publication that was written to meet the National Health Education Standards, the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthy Behavior Outcomes and Knowledge Expectations.

ISBN: 978-0-692-62006-9

557 pages

Publisher: Red Barn Blue Sky Publishing & Consulting, LLC.

Abridged Table of Contents

Unit 1 Wholistic Health & Personal Health Habits

Unit 2 Expressing Feelings Appropriately

Unit 3 Keeping Safe and Avoiding Accidents

Unit 4 Developing and Encouraging Prosocial Behaviors

Unit 5 Self Management: Safe, Unsafe & Secret Touches

Unit 6 Choosing Healthy Eating

Unit 7 Building an Active Lifestyle

Unit 8 Avoiding Unhealthy Substances

Full Table of Contents

Unit 1 Wholistic Health & Personal Health Habits

    Parent Letter

    Lesson 1: Wholistic Health

    Lesson 2: Keeping Germs to Yourself

    Lesson 3: Hygiene and Health

    Lesson 4: (Write Your Title Here)

    Lesson 5: Nicki Felt Sick

    Lesson 6: Keeping Food Safe from Germs

    Unit 1 Completion Coloring Page

Unit 2 Expressing Feelings Appropriately

    Parent Letter

    Lesson 7: Identifying & Expressing Feelings

    Lesson 8: Personal Space & Boundaries

    Lesson 9: Managing Feelings

    Lesson 10: Trusted Adults That Help with Feelings

    Unit 2 Completion Coloring Page

Unit 3 Keeping Safe and Avoiding Accidents

    Parent Letter

    Lesson 11: Safety Hazards

    Lesson 12: A Day at the Beach

    Lesson 13: Keeping Safe

    Lesson 14: Keeping Your Hearing Safe

    Lesson 15: I Wear Safety Gear. What Sport Do I Play?

    Lesson 16: Being Safe Around Fire

    Lesson 17: Being Safe in a Car

    Lesson 18: Safety on the Bus

    Lesson 19: Trusted Adults That Keep You Safe from Injury

    Lesson 20: The School Nurse

    Lesson 21: Community Health Helpers

    Unit 3 Completion Coloring Page

Unit 4 Developing and Encouraging Prosocial Behaviors

    Parent Letter

    Lesson 22: Understanding Bullying

    Lesson 23: Teasing and Bullying Are Different

    Lesson 24: Trusted Adults Help with Bullies

    Lesson 25: Stop Bullying: 1 2 3 4 5

    Lesson 26: Cinderella

    Unit 4 Completion Coloring Page

Unit 5 Self Management: Safe, Unsafe & Secret Touches

    Parent Letter

    Lesson 27: Your Body Belongs to You

    Lesson 28: Speaking & Listening: Learning About Touches

    Lesson 29: Speaking & Listening: Telling Trusted Adults

    Lesson 30: Trusted Adults That Help Keep Your Body Safe

    Lesson 31: Getting Help with Feelings

    Unit 5 Completion Coloring Page

Unit 6 Choosing Healthy Eating

    Parent Letter

    Lesson 32: Eating Breakfast

    Lesson 33: Healthy Snacks

    Lesson 34: Food Sleuth

    Lesson 35: Making Healthy Food Choices

    Lesson 36: Setting Healthy Eating Goals

    Lesson 37: Trusted Adults Help You Eat Healthy

    Lesson 38: Healthy Eating Helpers

    Lesson 39: Molly and Her Grandmother

    Unit 6 Completion Coloring Page

Unit 7 Building an Active Lifestyle

    Parent Letter

    Lesson 40: Keeping Active

    Lesson 41: Pippa at the Park

    Lesson 42: Stories and Poems

    Lesson 43: The Tortoise and the Hare

    Lesson 44: Being Safe While Physically Active

    Lesson 45: Trusted Adults Help You Be Physically Active

    Unit 7 Completion Coloring Page

Unit 8 Avoiding Unhealthy Substances

    Parent Letter

    Lesson 46: Poison Can Make You Sick

    Lesson 47: Understanding Influences

    Lesson 48: Family Rules About Taking Medicine

    Lesson 49: Trusted Adults That Can Help You Take Medicine Safely

    Lesson 50: Stay Away From Tobacco

    Unit 8 Completion Coloring Page

    Lesson 51: Bonus Lesson

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