Established in 2011, the FirstFruit Foundation believes in two things: 

    1. No one should go hungry. 

    2. Giving back to communities is the right thing to do.

 When you work with us by placing an order or by teaming up on a consulting project, we will give a portion of our proceeds to a local food bank in your community. It's that simple. Philanthropy is woven directly into our business model. At "Red Barn Blue Sky" we want to be a part of advocating for the health of others because healthy people build healthy communities, and healthy communities enrich all of our lives.

As a result of a recent consulting project we were able to donate 500 meals to the Tarrant Area Food Bank in Fort Worth, Texas. Two additional projects in the Madison, Wisconsin, area allowed us to donate 750 meals to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin, as well as an additional 420 meals to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. That's a total of 1,670 meals for these 3 projects. These donations motivate us to keep on keeping on. Thank you for helping us help others.